• Name: Children paint 5L
  • Introduction:
    • Coating: 面漆
    • Weight: 5L

Runlee Children Paint, which adopts the most advanced QST environmental protection technology, and authentically embodies the fitness ideas that science and technology serve the people while the products are people-oriented, has a product VOC close to zero, and does not contain toxic and hazardous heavy metals, showing the ultimate concern for the physical and mental health for your baby. Smart paint, which is not only environment-friendly itself but also positively and continuously eliminates harmful substances such as formaldehyde, allows people to move into a newly decorated home as soon as possible, without any health risk whatsoever. The photocatalytic element contained in the smart paint is capable of activating oxygen and water molecules in the air under the action of photocatalysis to form active oxygen and hydroxyl radicals and release them in the air, and by means of such effects as electrical neutralization, chemical reaction and physical adsorption, may effectively and automatically eliminate multiple indoor harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzol, and ammonia, and produce an effect of killing and decomposing microorganisms such as bacteria.  

Product Characteristics:

1. Decompose  toxic and harmful gases: the nano-TiO2 photocatalyst has special physical and chemical characteristics that are not available in traditional materials, has high chemical stability, and has a small particle size and a large surface area.

2. Dual physical antibacterial function: the photocatalyst in contact with the air may produce metal ion protective film, which deteriorates a bacteria tissue by disenabling its invasive power, and produces a large number of active hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ion radicals under the effect of photocatalysis. According to the antibacterial performance test conducted by the Guangzhou Research Institute of Microorganism, the 24-hour bacterial reduction rate is ≥95%.